Is your existing restaurant or bar compatible with this new social and economic reality?

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Is your existing restaurant or bar compatible with this new social and economic reality?

May 11, 2020 3:02 pm

Short of a technical breakthrough, its improbable Corona will end before the end of 2021, and when restrictions are lessened, there will be stringent distancing measures in place that will result in countless eateries simply not being able to trade profitably. There is strong evidence that the spread of Covid19 is reduced significantly outdoors, which offers a glimmer of hope for some restaurateurs whose facility have existing terrace or garden space to adapt to a more alfresco type dining offering.

Providing diners with outdoor space is likely to install a degree of consumer confidence. Given the choice, many will opt to eat in the safest environments possible. If you are fortunate to operate from premises with outdoor arrangements, you may have to consider the Great British weather. We have been very fortunate to see some glorious pre summer skies, but as we are all too familiar, a rain shower can arrive in an instance, dampening any outdoor dining experience!


A solution to this, and you may be surprised how little this may cost, is to consider a range of outdoor structures, such as a glass veranda, Louvre pod or electric retractable awning, which all provide outdoor space, shade and most importantly cover, in the event of a downpour. There is no denying it, when it comes to outdoor space utilisation, our European restauranteurs beat us hands down. They have mastered giving diners the option to eat outside, whilst having the facilities to provide cover when required.

Not only does one of these structures aesthetically add presence to your premises, it could be the difference of remaining in business until life returns to normal.

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