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The bioclimatic pergola that Open Space Concepts offers you is a modern patio covering that uses modern technology to improve your outdoor living space experience. This consists of a robust aluminum and roof construction with blades that provides optimal protection against external elements.

The main feature of this bioclimatic pergola is the roof system with aluminum blades, which have the ability to open, close or tilt their panels completely to the angle you want. This gives you full control of the amount of sunlight and fresh air that enters the pergola.

The bioclimatic pergolas by Open Space Concepts have operable side windows, which not only expand the outdoor area but extend the summer season and the use of the terrace in hotels, private homes or restaurants. The bioclimatic pergola was designed with the purpose of using natural factors to the fullest, to form a pleasant microclimate on your terrace, such as using passive ventilation and thus reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

This suggests that the pergolas interact without noise with nature, to offer a constant well-being in such changing climatic conditions, even to face the most imperceptible.

Bioclimatic Pergola

The bioclimatic pergolas offered by Open Space Concepts are represented by three patents:

-Side joint for perimeter insulation of the lid

-Rotatable movement to rotate the grilles from 0 to 135 degrees

-Internal guide to integrate the perimeter zip closure system within the framework of the Med Varia model.


In its inclined version with its lightness and beauty, the bioclimatic pergola gives designers a great deal of creative freedom in any style that takes shape in any space. In Open Space Concepts, all of our bioclimatic pergola roofs have a slight slope that allows all rainwater to be drained through the grooves in the blades to the main beam and then directed downwards through the support posts.


Even with the roof slightly open at 5 degrees, rainwater will not enter the pergola. But, it will allow fresh air to enter even when the windows are closed. The blades used in bioclimatic pergolas are made of hollow extruded aluminum, which is a durable and resistant material to external environmental factors. Just as the patented and integrated rubber gasket on each blade ensures that rainwater does not penetrate the roof and at the same time the gasket reduces wind noise.

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    Advantages of the Bioclimatic Pergola

    The bioclimatic pergola of Open Space Concepts offers you multiple advantages with which you will have a sure benefit. Among the most relevant advantages we can specify:


    -Maximum outdoor space; the pergola with side panels and glass systems ensure complete protection against any bad weather conditions.

    -Optimal comfort; Smart phone or remote control to operate the pergola roof, wall decks, lighting and heating.

    -Ventilation and temperature control; the retractable roof and swivel blades will protect from direct sunlight while allowing natural air circulation.

    -Attractive modern and innovative; Intelligent sensors for sun, wind, rain, as well as roof and screen automation use advanced and innovative technology.

    -More time outside; you can extend the outdoor season from the first rays of spring until late autumn with patio heaters.

    The bioclimatic pergola of Open Space Concepts provides a perfect and innovative performance that will give you a time of enjoyment without interrupting the various climatic factors that may arise. Thanks to its advanced technology, the comfort you can count on will help you get maximum enjoyment of the best moments. The bioclimatic pergola can adapt to the space you want to reinvent.


    Types of Bioclimatic Pergolas

    At Open Space Concepts we offer you three types of bioclimatic pergolas, so you can select your pergola according to the space you wish to condition. Among these three types of bioclimatic pergola we have:


    Gibus Med Twist

    It is a bioclimatic pergola with weather resistance of the latest generation, which has roof blades that can be rotated and set to desired angle.

    Gibus Med Varia

    It is a compact bioclimatic pergola with bladed roof, which tilts at the angle you want or can be completely closed to protect it from external elements. The Varia can house the remote-controlled drop-down screens seamlessly within the structure when retracted.

    Gibus Med Zenit

    It is a bioclimatic pergola with weather resistance using the latest polyester-based blackout PVC material technology and tension bars for rigidity. The roof is fully retractable and can be set at any point during retraction.

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